Bring in your bike and our trained staff will do a thorough inspection to help you select the best tune-up option.

We are an Authorized Shimano Service Center. Our mechanics are trained and certified by Shimano and use all of the latest technology.

Our prices

The BasicThe IntermediateThe CompleteThe Complete Deluxe
Tune Ups





Full bike inspection and tightening of the bolts
Brake adjustment
Speed adjustment
Chain lubrication
Tire inflation
Headset, bottom bracket and hubs, adjustment
Basic frame cleaning
Minor wheel alignment
Wheel alignment
Drivetrain clean up : chain, derailleurs, chainrings and cassette
Complete clean up of the frame, components and wheels
Greasing of the headset and bottom bracket
Hub greasing
New brake and speed cables
New brake and speed housing
New chain (55$ value)
New tires (160$ value)
New bar tape (30$ value)
Electric bike
+20$ (Update and verification of the system, battery recharged)
Electronic transmission Di2
+20$ (System update)
Double suspension bike
+80$ (bleed brakes,frame cleaning, pivot cleaning and greasing)

The Electric:

  • Adjustment of the brakes and gears
  • Lubrication and verification of the cables and chain
  • Hubs, bottom bracket, headset and spoke tension adjustment
  • Verification of the electrical connections
  • System software update
  • Battery recharge
  • Test ride


Drivetrain Clean Up:

  • Removal of the chain, cassette, chainrings and derailleur
  • Thorough cleaning of all components with the BioCircle degreaser
  • Wear and tear inspection
  • Greasing and reassembly of all the components
  • Solvent, grease and oil included


Winter preparation:

  • Rust proofing of critical areas and parts (brake pivots, bottom bracket, chain and derailleurs)
  • Greasing of front and back hubs
  • Lubing of the nipple and spoke heads
  • Adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Lubing of brake and gear cables and housing
  • Frame clean up


Double suspensions:

  • Includes everything from The Intermediate Tune up
  • Disc brake bleed and adjustment
  • Greasing and cleaning of all pivots
  • Minor wheel alignment
  • Degreaser, oil and grease included
  • Basic frame cleaning


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